Episode 4: Ana Saer Discusses Business Transformation, Trust and De-Risking


Ana Saer Discusses Business Transformation, Trust and De-Risking Description 

Ana Saer is Head of Professional Services for MUFG Capital Analytics. In this webcast, she will lay out why transformation processes work better when the goal is de-risking, rather than challenging the status quo or identifying new and innovative models. 

Ana has built a reputation as a results-oriented leader with a Big Four and SaaS pedigree. Her unique approach to transformation is rooted in experience in compliance and regulatory initiatives, business integrations and readiness programs. She directs global teams, builds trust with senior stakeholders at the board level, and promotes strategic alignment across large organizations. Her focus on continuous improvement allows teams to achieve ambitious goals and drive stakeholder value based on quality, consistency and reliability. 

Ana has deep experience standing up PMOs, compliance, and professional services teams; conducting risk-based audits, ERMs, and readiness programs for certifications, acquisitions, and IPOs; achieving companies and businesses integrations; leading complex product standardizations and deployments; and managing portfolios of global projects.