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We advance thought leadership for companies who are defining the future of digital transformation
Thesis-driven public relations
Gale Strategies is a full service public relations firm for transformative companies and funds.
Public Relations
We specialize in thought leadership strategy, and typically focus on enterprise technology within certain core themes. These themes include digital transformation of professional services, and digital transformation of large, complicated sectors like finance, insurance, and healthcare.

We're adamant about providing highly practical services that directly support executives and asset managers in achieving their near term goals in a way that is consistent with strategic success.
Media Relations
Media Relations
Gale Strategies engages the news media on your behalf so that news about you, and your views on the news are heard in a way that is aligned with your business goals.
Our team helps you write through a variety of vehicles, to allow your vision to be clearly and widely understood. Through this we build an important part of your thought leadership platform.
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The exercise of sharing your news and engaging the news media, when managed properly, yields valuable insights and better ways to articulate the points that fuel everything from your investor deck to closing sales.
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We facilitate the sharing of news from and about you directly with the audiences that matter via your site, social media and other relevant channels. We focus on divining the most valuable channels, not the most.
If you would like to share your ideas, or you would like to ask us about ours and what we are doing today, we are eager to hear from you.