At face value, Gale Strategies is a public relations and marketing agency for enterprise technology companies and private capital firms. Look deeper and you’ll find that our differentiator is our knack for overthinking — in the best way possible.

A New Approach

We understand the nuances of our clients’ businesses. Our overthinking means that we can identify potential growth opportunities that others may overlook. Results are won, and tied to sales growth, through a unique combination of thought leadership, business-to-business social media strategy, and marketing analytics.

We want to share the stories behind the companies that are becoming breakouts in their sectors not just because they’re cool, but because they’re going to change industries.

We’re obsessed with how B2B tech changes industry. We work for those doing the changing, and we bring those changes to our own work.

Our Values

Future Forward

We're not just interested in where a particular industry stands today. We discover where it's headed and how we can help our clients move to the leading edge. We’ve spent years watching technology upend industries by achieving what, previously, was thought to be unachievable. It’s that curiosity and drive to keep pushing into the unknown that spurs our interest in tech — and it’s the still-untapped potential in B2B that gets us excited about that space.

Impact Driven

Typical PR firms offer “share of voice” measurements, metrics on the size of the audience reached by results, analysis of traffic on a client’s digital assets, or trackers on the tone of coverage. We don’t believe these metrics represent success in B2B public relations, because they can be used to declare success without really showing whether a firm is effective or not. This gap can lead to PR tactics that are appropriate to consumer brands but counterproductive in B2B environments. Gale Strategies uses an impact-driven approach, with metrics that allow us to display the link between our media results and measurable growth.


We put people first, whether that’s our clients, our partners, or our employees. We strive to be ethically aware and incorporate this identity into all our decision making. We believe that this culture of putting people first serves to create a strong team and enhance our innovative capacities. It’s at the core of our success.

Our Process

Quality of Coverage

For a company to be differentiated as a true thought leader, the news media first conveys value due to its authority and then for the broad reach of its audience. We ask questions to develop the most appropriate media strategies with this concept in mind. Are media appearances relevant to the select audience the business wishes to reach?

Furthermore, Every PR firm should be able to say how many published results it will achieve per week. They should be able to identify the type of outlets where the results will be published. And the client should agree that each result is germane to the company’s business goals and messaging.

Impact Measurement

We pursue a quantitative measure which indicates whether a business is successfully owning an idea or category in their space. Thought leadership should mean that a company has articulated what the future of its industry will look like. They have assigned a description or keywords to that future. When an individual searches for that description or keywords in a browser, the company’s content comes back as the top result among competitors. The company owns more space on the first page or organic search results.

Direct Feedback

We hold regular conversations with executives who meet with the business’ clients and prospects to determine whether media results are supporting the relationship or not. These conversations are incredibly important because they inform the tactics that best animate the company’s messaging and ensure they connect with the right audience in the right way.

Meet The Team

Chris Gale


Led a major PE firm’s top portfolio thought leadership program through to the resulting $1.2B exit. Developed the award-winning financial PR program for a life sciences company with annual sales growing from $10M to $1B, and an exit at $5.8B.

Megan Duero


Leads strategy for PE firms and tech ventures from raises to acquisitions, IPOs and exits. Cut her teeth developing media strategy for private capital law practice on deals from $100M to $2B. Drove thought leadership for a leading insurtech company culminating in a valuation at exit of +$500M.
A sales-focused fintech software developer with deep experience in financial close, tax, DevOps, UX and overall product develop. Veteran conference speaker, mentor, leader of multinational teams within large matrixed organizations, and a proponent of relational leadership.

Denitza Krasteva


Serial technology founder and engineer delivering expertise in business development and technical architecture at a multinational level of execution. Part of the Oscar-winning team that took movie soundtracks and rock albums from analog to digital.

Gus Miller


Nicole Katzin

Account Executive

Delivers multi-channel public relations and marketing combining skills in media relations, social media and research. Drives outreach in multiple industries, leveraging key topics including industrial AI, ESG in finance and IT change management.

Gabriel Salazar

Marketing Specialist

Marketing and sales ops expert bringing finance services revenue development experience to multiple industries, including insurance, manufacturing and private capital. Drives CRM, SEO and digital campaign results.
Digital business writer, seasoned journalist, and content strategist with extensive experience in news startups, political campaigns, and higher education. Delivering clean, timely and effective copy tailored to clients’ business objectives across multiple media platforms.

John Dyer

Head of Content