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Measuring Impact

We measure impact by determining how much new business we can bring to you. We do this best when we have access to your CRM, social media accounts, website analytics, and other tools. However, granting access to these platforms is optional. Access makes us smarter and more effective faster.

In a typical program, we first measure whether your audience is responding to marketing and media activities. Sharing via LinkedIn and then tracking who is responding is one of the most effective ways to do that. If we see your audience is reacting and growing, we then discern if the right people are showing up and if we can attract new people whom you haven’t reached previously.

This means more impressions first. Then more reactions. Then more of the right leads. Each time we refine tactics, messaging, and double down on what works. We test what’s working to understand why it’s working, too.

Finally, we or your sales force, or both, reach out directly to leads and turn them into prospects. This is the vital and most concrete test of messaging and tactics. Once we have validated messaging and tactics in this manner, we can continue to scale and stay focused on what is working best and support sustained growth.